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Mobile Blogging with Android

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So, I’ve had this WordPress app on my HTC Hero for a while but never used it until now. Now being defined as a prolonged moment of brain ache and lack of productivity. Also readable as I’ll try anything to kickstart my thoughts again and get back to work.

The first thing that I notice while using this app is that having upgraded my Hero to Froyo (Android 2.2) yesterday, my keyboard is lightening fast. I always thought that the keyboard on the Hero was a little laggy but now it’s really good and I’m using it in portriat mode and rarely hitting a typo.

Anyway, back to WordPress mobile blogging. So, I should really be the last person trying this out given my lack of current blog postings but hey, what the heck? The app seems quite nice, easy to use and uncluttered. I like that. I never use much text formatting in my posts but the buttons are there for that too and work fine.

Perhaps this will lend me to a new mode of downtime blogging from my phone? I could see it sparking interest in me for things that venture beyond the limit of Twitter’s payload and deserve more than the scowl of Facebook’s angry army of friends.

Nice work WordPress people.

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