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July 2007

links for 2007-07-28

Tunatic: free music identification software Pretty good and free song identification tool for those MP3’s you forgot to ID3 some years ago (tags: mp3 tool tunatic identification song audio)

Lotto Fever

For those of you living under a rock, inside a deep cave within Ireland, Lotto fever is gripping the country at the moment. The national lottery has not been won now for over 10 weeks and the jackpot is heading for Eur 15M this weekend. I play Lotto on the odd occasion, perhaps when depressed… Read More »Lotto Fever

A Chilling Tale from Outer Space

Not so much a chilling story as a story of a chilling device. Despite the free services offered by most city councils these days for the disposal of white goods, NASA has decided to go with the good old fashioned outer space fly-tipping. Yes, a huge refrigeration unit has just been ditched from the International… Read More »A Chilling Tale from Outer Space

To Padraig

To Padraig Harrington and yesterday’s victory: You treated the British Open like a boomerang, you threw it away but somehow had the confidence that it would come back to you. Congrats Padraig, you did Ireland proud and hopefully it’s the first of many majors to come for you now that you have broken the duck.

My Favourite Family Guy Irish Clip

I really can’t make up my mind whether it should be the clip of Irish history or the one where Peter finally meets his biological father. [youtube] [youtube]

Review of Nike +

Nike + The Nike+ add-on for your iPod Nano is not just some fancy gimmic that iPod developers want you to buy. It’s a seriously cool, accurate and informative running aid for those into their long distance jogging. I do a lot of running on a weekly basis and I’m constantly looking for things that… Read More »Review of Nike +

Nice one Floyd!

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Nice one Steven Floyd & co. that is. A group of researchers at Carnegie Mellon University are developing a robot that will be able to walk on water. The robot is designed to mimic the abilities of a type of lizard that has mastered the art of water running. Move over rubber ducky, bath-time just… Read More »Nice one Floyd!

Blue skies, China style

We Irish could do with a bit of help from our fellow planet dwellers in China at the moment. Absurd as it may sound the Chinese are investigating plans to help control the weather for the next Olympic Games. Normally they provide rain for crops in times of drought but this time around they are… Read More »Blue skies, China style