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March 2007

ICANN Rejects 30

ICANN, the mysterious folk behind the internet thingy, have met and rejected the establishment of the .xxx top level domain. It’s an absolute shame from the point of view of easy control of websites if these TLD domain names were only to be issued to adult sites. But even more of a shame is that… Read More »ICANN Rejects 30


I’ve been quiet for about a week now: What have I been doing? Well as I mentioned previously I’m on a 2 week break from work so after a week of trying I finally managed to switch off this week. I’ve built my new garden fence (I’m sure you’ll all be happy to hear that… Read More »Awakened

links for 2007-03-23

Alaska Department of Revenue vaporizes $38 billion account – Engadget Imagine deleting an account worth $38 billion – what an adrenalin rush! (tags: alaska revenue delete account 38 billion)

Having a bad day?

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Thanks to Gary G for this link. The Alaska department of revenue seemingly had a bit of a nervous time recently when somebody accidentally deleted details of an account worth approximately $38 billion. Not only that but they also managed to mess up the back-up tapes. Me thinks somebody was a little worried at this… Read More »Having a bad day?


Just came up with another caption for Frank’s competition.

links for 2007-03-22

Ten things you can do keep an old computer useful « Motho ke motho ka botho Keep those old computers clock-ticking over! (tags: old machine computer alive useful still)

Preserving the Techno-past

Everyone interested in computing has at least one old computer lying around. We’ve either upgraded and not thrown out the old unit (you’ll never know it it will come in handy) or like me you just can’t resist having multiple computers in your home. Too often it is true that the old machines are never… Read More »Preserving the Techno-past


Normally I’m not one to get frustrated with MovableType (my blogging software) but today I’m a little upset that it’s not doing what I would like it to. I decided to retro-fit some new categories to my blog and stumbled upon the complete absence of a batch editor of any value at all. The current… Read More »ImmovableType

links for 2007-03-20

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openeID OpenID to be combined with eID – an accepted and proven, secure identity in Europe. I wonder if people will be forced to be themselves in time to come? (tags: openid eid europe identity authentication web secure)

Another Facelift!

It’s only a wet day (well a snowy one anyway) since I changed the look of my blog template. Doing that however, made the other residue on my site look like a heap of crap. So, I then changed the rest of the site pages to something more pleasing. I then decided that having the… Read More »Another Facelift!