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May 2004

More Good Tech News

Looks like more good news to come on the tech front. Amazon look to be setting up a new centre in Ireland to create more jobs for the country. First it was Google a while back and now Amazon on the back of Intel’s announcement yesterday, things are looking up indeed! source: Irish Times Note:… Read More »More Good Tech News

Good News for Tech Jobs

News broke late yesterday that Intel was to create 400 new jobs in Ireland by 2006 with an investment of Eur1.6bn in a new manufacturing plant. Good news for any tech workers who are being abused in their current employment. Things are on the up again and you don’t have to stay in your lousy,… Read More »Good News for Tech Jobs

OpenSource in Danger

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Some months ago I rambled on about software patents and the very bad potential effects of such. The debate faded into the background for a while but never disappeared. Now it seems as though for the second time in a short space of time; the Irish presidency of the EU is foregoing in the opinion… Read More »OpenSource in Danger


MS vs Google? Google vs MS? One’s huge and the other’s massive; this competition will be a battle of the really big guns. The fight for search supremacy is about to begin. Memories of a browser called Navigator come to mind… Thanks to jmcc for the link. source:

Proof that Smoking is Dangerous

Thanks to Seán H for this link. Reports of two soldiers whose casual cigarettes set off a small ammunition store causing $725M of damage and killed 5 people. source:

Define Irony…

This weekend, just gone, saw my home city of Waterford host a very prestigious meeting of the European environment ministers at WIT. It was great to see the city and indeed the Institute host such an event. However, whilst driving around the city for the last few days I have been frequently brought to a… Read More »Define Irony…


Thanks to Paul M for this link. It seems as though the Irish Post Office has issued a new stamp to celebrate the EU expansion. The stamp features a map of Europe with the new member countries in a different colour to the existing ones. Sadly they appear to have put Cyprus in the wrong… Read More »Embarrassing?