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Colour in the Grey Sky

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Colour in the Grey Sky Originally uploaded by jbwan Snapped at one of the launches during the visit to Waterford of the Irish National Hot Air Ballooning Championships. Great to see the balloons back in Waterford and hopefully they’ll be back again next time. A wonderful spectacle for all to see; floating high over the… Read More »Colour in the Grey Sky


This weekend I decided to settle down to a task that I have been putting off for a long time now. That task was the organisation of my digital photo library, spread across 3 different computers and a network storage drive. Over the years I have used so many different digital cameras, software packages for… Read More »Sorted!

Focal Bench

Focal Bench Originally uploaded by jbwan For a long time I always wondered about whether or not I should learn about Photoshop. I could see myself becoming somewhat addicted to it and the myriad of effects that people can create using it. This weekend I finally bit the bullet and downloaded a trial of CS3… Read More »Focal Bench

Red Admiral

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Red Admiral Originally uploaded by jbwan. Sitting down eating dinner in the garden last Saturday, this guy came fluttering by through my shrubs. Hadn’t seen one in a long time up to this.

The Vee

The Vee Originally uploaded by jbwan. I like The Vee, the distinctive meeting place of two hills in West Waterford (well technically it’s in Co. Tipperary but what’s 100m between friendly counties? ;)) Siân and myself took a trip up there recently to see the scenic beauty and swung by Melleray Abbey on the way… Read More »The Vee

Summer Calm

Feeding Tortoise Shell Originally uploaded by jbwan. Daisy, Daisy Originally uploaded by jbwan. The more I say the angrier I get so here’s a couple of nice calming photos from my garden yesterday evening. 😉