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June 2004

The SUN Always Shines on AIB

Looks like SUN have nabbed the desktop contract for AIB according to this latest news release. Their Java Desktop System is set to take over the desks at AIB. Does this mean more stable code? Less software bugs? More control over employees actions? Let’s hope so… source: The Register

Irsh Army – Special CAT Team

It’s not every day that you hear of the Irish Army, the Gardaí and a support crew of aircraft out in force, together. However, it’s happening at the moment and the reason is a really big cat, loose in Monaghan. A wild cat, suspected to be a puma is on the prowl around Monaghan. The… Read More »Irsh Army – Special CAT Team

Up da Blues!

Sadly I wasn’t in Thurles yesterday when my home team played and won, what must go down in history as one of the greatest Munster hurling finals of all time. However, watching the game on television still contributed to several mild heart attacks. Go on da blues! All Ireland here we come…

League Tables…

Great link forwarded on to me by Alex H. This is league table of economic entities based on GDP/sales figures. For anyone in doubt about the amount of revenue generated by insurance companies look no further than entries 52 and 55 in the table and you will see that a certain insurance company has more… Read More »League Tables…

We’re Booming!

Yesterday we celebrated Bloom and today we acknowledge that our economy is booming yet again. 50,000 new jobs were created in the last 12 months with approximately 80% of those being full-time positions. The news report last night even suggested that there could be a workforce shortage that would push salaries up again. Why does… Read More »We’re Booming!

NASA – A Fruit Case

The ever enjoyable Register has come up with the goods again on an otherwise uneventful day. It looks like NASA are attempting to grow strawberries on Mars (whenever they decide to man a mission there). Red fruit for the red planet? I wonder what the martians will think of large gatherings of southern folk sitting… Read More »NASA – A Fruit Case

Thursday Tantrum

I haven’t had a good rant in a while but sitting down, discussing wedding plans with Siân recently brought some things to mind. Why does the exploitation of other people�s happiness form part of an accepted Irish culture? This could be a multi-episode thread but today we’ll focus on hairdressers. Yes, the MX-5 driving, dirty… Read More »Thursday Tantrum

Is Your SMS Safe?

Funny the way SMS leads to a lack of clarity due to the imposed limit on the message length. Seemingly some poor guy in Bristol was arrested recently as a potential terrorist after sending the lyrics of a song to another friend. It looks like the message was intercepted and then traced back to the… Read More »Is Your SMS Safe?