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Changing Google Chrome icon OSX

Changing that ugly Google Chrome icon in OSX

I have to say I really hate the default Chrome icon. I recently found this decent icon by Mustafa Haydar and made a .hqx version for Mac.

chrome alternative icon

He also has another really cool Chrome icon, neochrome, which is newer and seems an evolution of the first.

To convert .png files to .icns / .hqx, i used the website iConvert, then to actually change the Icon, you have to:

  • Extract the .hqx file
  • Get info and click on the icon image. Copy (cmd+c)
  • Select Google Chrome app in the Applications folder
  • Get info, select the icon image. Paste (cmd+v)

There you go, you now have your new icon 🙂

Click here to download: (413 KB)

Nice alternative icon for Chrome on the Mac. Have to say that I never really minded the original but these are nice. Tip of the hat to @erugalatha for Tweeting it onwards.

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3 thoughts on “Changing Google Chrome icon OSX”

    1. That’s strange. Without seeing exactly what is happening, I can’t say exactly what the problem is. It should just replace the icon in the resource file when you drag it into the info box – I have never seen one fail to do this. Perhaps a permissions issue? But that should prompt you to login as administrator. Sorry I can’t be of help – it did work for me.

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