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September 2004

Spinach Power

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No it’s not related to Popeye but spinach power may soon be available to help power traditional battery devices such as mobile phones and laptops. Thanks to Sven for the link. A team of researchers at MIT have conducted investigations into using spinach-based cells as power cells for devices; using the biological network of the… Read More »Spinach Power

Modern Computing as told by 1954

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Just read this little snippet and accompanying photo on Mícheál’s weblog. It’s amazing, funny and frightening to think that people actually thought this back in 1954. When did the whole miniturisation thing become a sign of progress? At least the machine was to be programmed in Fortran so we can identify that the engineers were… Read More »Modern Computing as told by 1954

On This Day…

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It’s good to know that on this day that I celebrate the passing of one year and the start of another (i.e. my birthday) that the status quo of common sense is still holding strong. Noteworthy events of the early morning include Presidents dismissing the findings of their intelligence agencies. Former singer Cat Stevens refused… Read More »On This Day…

The Cost of Moving

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No it’s not the cost of moving house but rather the cost of moving job location or to be more accurate the cost of moving your employees. This debate of decentralisation has been raging for some time now and it still fails to make any sense to me as to why the civil servants even… Read More »The Cost of Moving

Nanobots for President!

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Back posting again after a brief rest from catching up with all the happenings in the world. Finally, nanotechnology is coming into play in the medical world (for reasons other than super-humans anyway). Scientists researching cancer fighting are planning to use nanotechnology to help tackle the disease. Could be a huge breakthrough in fighting one… Read More »Nanobots for President!