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July 2003

Mr and Mrs XML (nee SQL)

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The master of storage concepts and organisation is at it again. In this recent article, Jon Udell cites the marriage of XML and SQL and the desire of many developers to store their data structures in XML. Although the points discussed are valid, the article fails to reflect upon the poor quality/efficiency of existing XML… Read More »Mr and Mrs XML (nee SQL)

The Fall of Off-the-Wall Street

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For those of you not tuned into the news over the past couple of days, a plot by the US security department to launch a website where people could buy and sell shares on the likelihood of terrorist activities has been quashed. The idea planned to analyse the “terror market” and use the information to… Read More »The Fall of Off-the-Wall Street

Ur Dvorcd

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Seemingly it is now possible to divorce your spouse in Malaysia by SMS and no this is not a joke. Read the story… source:

There’s Plenty More Fish in the Sea

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Seems as though genetic modification has stemmed into a glowing tribute to the world’s ecosystem. The latest in controversial releases is the production of a flourescent green jellyfish. Engineered by a Taiwanese “developer” hoping to make big profits from a decorative pet this genetic alteration has reopened the debates on the danger of releasing genetically… Read More »There’s Plenty More Fish in the Sea

Unlikely attractions

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When does a polar bear become interesting? When it’s purple of course! Seemingly humans aren’t the only lifeforms that suffer embarrassing side effects of medical treatment as this story of a 23-year-old polar bear in Argentina illustrates. source:

Music industry gets tough

It seems as though the move by the music industry to crack down on illegal swapping of music has stepped up a level and the number of court orders are increasing by the day. Linked below is a personal account of one student who witnessed anothers plight at the hands of the courts. source:

G that’s cheap

Just picked the reference for this article off Omar Javaid’s weblog before I got around to reading the register. Anyway it seems as though a Taiwanese company is entering into the market for the production of 802.11g chipsets and as such the prices could start tumbling down. Here’s to competition in an open market! original… Read More »G that’s cheap


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In the 18 months or so that I have been following the development of Lindows OS I have always been amazed by the incredible advances made by the development team. Everything from the original idea to America’s cheapest pc. Today they have just announced another fantastic idea for low-tech users who just want basic web,… Read More »Wow!

Nanotechnology, pants!!

Just read this article entitled “Little robots in your pants” and only for it comes from a reliable source I would liken it to the AOL/Gateway call centre transcripts that are e-mailed around every now and then as jokes. As people become more technically savvy this kind of marketing (preying on the technically ignorant and… Read More »Nanotechnology, pants!!

WiFi Phones

At last an article about what effect WiFi will have on the mobile phone market. It’s been a while since the last bout of banter regarding the benefits of WiFi in urban areas but with technology under pressure to appear in a dwindling market, this could be a precursor to a new release. source: