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July 2004

Black Hole is Now a Window

Can’t find any detailed sources on this yet apart from a very brief snippet in the Irish Times. Prof. Hawking gave his speech in Dublin yesterday removing the paradox that he was responsible for creating. It now seems as though black holes are no longer a theoretical pinpoint of infinite density in space but rather… Read More »Black Hole is Now a Window

Bush Bashing

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Everyone is doing it these days. Bush bashing seems to have become America’s favourite hobby and is starting to take over the shows of big celebreties. The most recent event was that of Linda Ronstadt being thrown out of her own show in a Los Vegas hotel for voicing her opinions on the current president.… Read More »Bush Bashing

The Truth About Black Holes

Today in Dublin, Ireland, Stephen Hawking will present his latest findings on the science of ‘black holes’. Having read some of Hawking’s material before I can’t wait to hear what his latest findings are. Rumour has it that he has undone most of his previous thinking about the ‘black holes’ and is now ready to… Read More »The Truth About Black Holes

Man on the Moon

For the sake of remembering history. This day 35 years ago man landed and walked on the moon’s surface according to NASA, denied by many. Either way this historic event will go down as being man’s greatest achievement in gathering all people together in common celebration and memory. source: <a title="NASA – Apollo 11 at… Read More »Man on the Moon

Virus in your Pocket

It had to happen at some stage. The first virus to target Pocket PC has just been detected. Codenamed “Duts” it was wirtten by the same people that brought you the mobile phone virus of recent times (probing symbian OS’s). Supposedly the virus is only proof of concept but should it turn nasty and spread… Read More »Virus in your Pocket

Insurance to Move

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Finally, the major insurance companies in Ireland are set to start reducing premiums after damning reports in recent weeks reflecting the huge profits made by the industry over the last year. We can all start to breathe again after the stranglehold that was placed upon us by these domineering, monopolistic, abusive forces that call themselves… Read More »Insurance to Move

The Lost Works of U2

Looks like U2’s latest album has gone missing or to be more accurate was supposedly stolen from a photo shoot for the album artwork in France. Needless to say, the band and the label are very anxious that the music does not appear on the internet before it hits the shelves. A full-scale search is… Read More »The Lost Works of U2

Sugar it Anyway!

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Sometimes you just don’t expect what you see in breaking news. Today it’s the might of the sugar industry crippling world trade! The EU is planning to bring about serious reform but one has to wonder if this reform will be granular and if the sugar industry will just decide to lump it or will… Read More »Sugar it Anyway!

Mistaken Identity

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Thanks to Cian F for this link to what must be the best letter of the year to the Times. Supposedly a Greek tourist in Ireland was travelling between Youghal and Waterford on the weekend that Greece won the Euro championship (also known as the weekend that Waterford won the Munster championship). Anyway this tourist… Read More »Mistaken Identity

Heard it all P4

Intel are set to slash P4 prices. Could this mean that Dell will produce even cheaper machines? It will be interesting to see what effect this price drop has on the AMD market also. source: The Register