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February 2008

Eur 50 million distraction?

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In an interesting move today, the government announced that it was to allocate Eur 50 million towards helping start-up companies in the Institute of Technology sector. Good news for those companies. However, the cynical mindset would be wise to suggest that this is no coincidence given last week’s release of the Port report on the… Read More »Eur 50 million distraction?

Go Dustin!

Dustin is off to the Eurovision song contest to represent Ireland. This may very well be the single best moment in our Eurovision history; finally a bit of humour. I have to say that the booing from the audience when the result was announced was shameful. An entry is an entry, there are far more… Read More »Go Dustin!

Port identifies Star Board

Yesterday came the long awaited publication of the Dr. Port report with respect to WIT’s request for re-designation to university status for the Southeast region of Ireland. You can download the report here. My first reading of the report was somewhat downhearted as I eagerly desired to see passages of highly supportive text and great… Read More »Port identifies Star Board

No Nonsense?

Earlier this week I was very happy to hear that Ryanair were teaming up with FBD insurance to offer “low-cost” car insurance to the Irish market. Both on the media press releases and on the website Ryanair proudly say: Straight-forward, low cost car insuranceWelcome to Ireland’s new low cost, value for money car insurance. Right… Read More »No Nonsense?

Review of My T-Shock

My T-Shock ““it doesn’t tell the time but if it did tell the time then it wouldn’t have been the right time, and the time it told wasn’t what it meant to tell, and for that it was sorry that it told the right time even though it didn’t think that it told time”“  … Read More »Review of My T-Shock

Bertie’s Constitution

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Poor Bertie; he’s gone to the high court to challenge the constitutionality of the Mahon tribunal’s usage of his Dail statements. You’ve got to hand it to the man, he always makes it sound like he’s protecting the country even when he’s clearly got his own interests at heart. Of course he insists that he’s… Read More »Bertie’s Constitution

WebKit on your mobile

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TrollTech have updated their mobile Qt framework to include the WebKit browser. This is fantastic news for everyone who wants the full range of luxury web 2.0 services running on their handsets. Bad news for Nokia however who are currently interested in buying TrollTech as this will surely push their price up. The announcement regarding… Read More »WebKit on your mobile