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April 2003

Mac has piles

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I’ve been a big fan of Mac OS UIs for some time now even though I never took the plunge to buy a Mac myself. I’ve just noted this potential addition to the next release of the Mac OS. Imagine a file system where you could look at all the files in a folder before… Read More »Mac has piles

Get Counted!

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Do you use Linux at work or at home? If so then why not help to provide some statistics and show how many Linux users there are out there? This site counts the number of registered Linux machines and their respective configurations to obtain some kind of profile about the owners. Worth a few minutes… Read More »Get Counted!

Support the campaign

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Support the campaign to get people writing proper HTML and eliminate the browser specific websites out there. No more works with IE only please Viewable with Any Browser: Campaign


Well it must be the season for it, I’m just about to move house and we’ve just moved server for our web host. The change gave me the opportunity to install the latest MovableType package the way I wanted it done and also to experiment with the superb export and import functionality of the system.… Read More »Moving

Acrobat goes XML

Looks like Adobe have eventually made Acrobat XML aware even though people have been creating PDF documents with the xml-fo objects and XSL for years now… The Register

Kevin Myers’ View

All those who are dedicated followers of politics on RTE or who are regular readers of the Irish Times will be familiar with the name of Kevin Myers. A rather enthusiastic journalist with often strongly opinionated views and humorous angles, is sometimes a breath of fresh air in an otherwise musty cupboard of current affairs.… Read More »Kevin Myers’ View