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April 2005

Expanding Waste-Line

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Just listening to the news and having read an earlier report today about the EU action against Ireland with respect to our appalling waste management. I applaud the EU for their action against the country and its complete lack of interest in promoting proper waste management. Escalating refuse charges and other measures simply mean that… Read More »Expanding Waste-Line

Lost in Translation

Just poached this snippet from Bernie G’s blog. A bit of humour on how Irish only road signs will confuse the hell out of anyone in Gaeltacht areas. All because of a new law passed last year. source: Bernie Goldbach

PDF takes the Web

Adobe have just purchased Macromedia in a stock takeover. Could this mean that PDF will take over the web? 🙂 source:

Damned if you don’t

Scenario: man is victim of Garda corruption, man is punished for a crime he did not commit and man’s life is made miserable because of corruption. Man cannot afford huge legal bills to continue to clear his name and get to the bottom of the corruption. Solution from Taoiseach: let a tribunal decide if this… Read More »Damned if you don’t

e-Eye, e-Eye, oh!

A bit behind on my reading these days but this is certainly worth blogging. Scientists have developed a new artificial eye that incorporates a small video camera than can take images and via a special chip convert these images into electrical impulses that are interpreted by the brain. For the blind, this is a most… Read More »e-Eye, e-Eye, oh!

Bluetooth TV

Just picked this up from Bernie Goldbach’s weblog. Interesting little snippet on how he managed to send audio to his TV set via a Nokia 9500 and a bluetooth receiver plugged into the SCART socket. As Bernie says, the opportunities for pod-casting experiments are very interesting. Now how do we get that receiver to interpret… Read More »Bluetooth TV

From One Pole to Another Poll

Saturday night saw the passing from this life of Pope John Paul. An event touching so many across the world with compassionate grief and remembrance. The news of the death was met across the world and in Ireland by Taoiseach Ahern with there’ll be no day off for the Irish people. The Taoiseach’s remarks backed… Read More »From One Pole to Another Poll

Anti-social Wealth

The latest report from those sociological guys shows that although we may be better off, more educated folk on average in Ireland, we are less tolerant and often ignore the needs of society especially the poor. Well it makes sense really. The 80’s gave birth to a new breed of teenager and business person in… Read More »Anti-social Wealth