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December 2007

Oh me, oh my

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Alas poor Joe Dolan has passed away following a sudden illness. Joe, who played for over 40 years on the Irish music scene, was well-known performer who brought great entertainment to many. Famous for hits like “Good lookin’ woman” there was never a show like a Joe show. Sadly on this post-Christmas Day, Joe has… Read More »Oh me, oh my

Facts by the RSA

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This evening while driving home from work I was listening to the Last Word on Today FM, listening to Brian Farrell from the RSA talking about decreasing the alcohol limit for drinking and driving. Providing balance to the debate was a publican from Co. Wexford whom I must say made some excellent points with respect… Read More »Facts by the RSA

Just a thought

… a thought that I’m sure I’m not the only person in the world to think this. In these times of “global warming”, concerns about “carbon footprint” and everything else that’s going on, why is it that American cars are still less efficient than their European counterparts? We all know about these huge engine vehicles… Read More »Just a thought