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Chief Justice?

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Over the last week the media has been flooded with stories about the justice minister and his statement relating to Frank Connolly. Much criticism has been aired relating to the actions of the minister who pleads that he has acted in good faith with respect to the matter. However, Justice Flood has now said that… Read More »Chief Justice?


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Just returned from my first week off work in over a year and wish I had taken more time – 5 days a year just ain’t enough. My lethargy of late with respect to maintaining my weblog is only testemony to the otherwise incredibly busy period of other work. I miss my ramblings (I’m sure… Read More »Lethargy

When DRM goes too far

It would appear that the latest drop of Sony DRM software for protecting their CDs from being copied on PCs is being likened to a “root kit” by some out there. The curiously entitled “essential system tools” have been deemed to have caused great difficulty to anyone wishing to play CDs in their PC or… Read More »When DRM goes too far

Finally Good News

At last some good news from the ESRI: Ireland is set for continued economic growth (and there I was thinking that they had been saying for the last 3 years that we were going down but alas we will now continue growth). Also scheduled are jobs booms and lots of other nice things. Thank you… Read More »Finally Good News

Bill of Health

It was announced yesterday that the government is planning to scrap the controversial computerised, health service, payroll system. Initially projected at a cost of Eur 9M the system has now run into the order of Eur 150M in costs. I’m sure that every computer programmer in the country is asking themselves right now: where can… Read More »Bill of Health

If that farm isn’t for sale, Minister’s still goin’ buy you a brand new jail

It would appear that the Minister for injustice is seeking legislation to cover compulsory purchases of land for prisons. In fairness, how many prisons do we need to warrant legislation? No doubt this is a kneejerk reaction to the recent outcry of Eur 30M being spent on farmland for a new prison and the pointing… Read More »If that farm isn’t for sale, Minister’s still goin’ buy you a brand new jail

Fianna “Fail”

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An article in today’s Times about the Dublin Port Tunnel left me in stitches. Seemingly Bertie has adopted the stance that any trucks that are too big to use the Dublin Port Tunnel should be turned away because they are not wanted. Could this be the ultimate in defence of the undefendable? He’s starting to… Read More »Fianna “Fail”

Backtrack on Trackback

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Due to a seemingly unavoidable level of trackback spam from ignorant, mutinous pirates of the cyber-seas I have disabled all trackbacks on my weblog as of today. Filtering the spam and removing the entires has become too much of a burden to warrant a continuance in my interest of cyber-social referencing. Despite using multiple plug-ins… Read More »Backtrack on Trackback

Morris Minor

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Finally Frank McBrearty jnr the man falsely accused and framed by the Gardaí for a murder that never happened has been awarded Eur1.5M by the state (Morris tribunal) after 9 years of pain and suffering on his behalf. Best wishes to Frank and I hope that his life can somehow return to normality. As for… Read More »Morris Minor