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September 2008

Colour in the Grey Sky

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Colour in the Grey Sky Originally uploaded by jbwan Snapped at one of the launches during the visit to Waterford of the Irish National Hot Air Ballooning Championships. Great to see the balloons back in Waterford and hopefully they’ll be back again next time. A wonderful spectacle for all to see; floating high over the… Read More »Colour in the Grey Sky


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It’s that time of year again, September 19th, and everyone’s favourite day: International Talk Like a Pirate Day. So get thee to the local taverns and be loaded to the gunnels with fathoms of ale!

Run for Life

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Last year I ran the Dublin City Marathon to raise some money for the local Hospice Centre in Waterford City. This year I sadly cannot run that race again due to a wedding on the same day – nice one Damo, little consideration for the runners, no? 😉 So instead I have undertaken a more… Read More »Run for Life

PAMELA finds dark matter…

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…or at least according to Wino theory. Everyone in the cosmo world is holding their breaths at the moment in anticipation of PAMELA’s soon to be released findings on what they believe to be the discovery of dark matter. The team say that they have observed an unruly amount of positron production in space, the… Read More »PAMELA finds dark matter…