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August 2006

Free Blogging?

As I struggled this week with Blogger acting very slowly for me I decided to express my woes to the ever knowledgeable Open mailing list, whom without fail returned with backup and alternative suggestions. I never realised the wealth of free blogging options available out there. Most will provide you with your own URL… Read More »Free Blogging?

Picture This

Just recently something has started to play on my mind: The number of recent film productions that are rated PG or 12. It seems like it has been forever since a 15 or 18 rated movie was made. Okay there have been some but not many. There are many reasons, I suppose, as to why… Read More »Picture This

Old News

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The equality authority has warned car rental companies and insurance companies against the improper practice of blanket banning people because of age alone. While I welcome this action by the authority it is a shame that they have only focussed it at the elderly, specifically those who are holidaymakers in the country, rather than including… Read More »Old News

CAO Won’t Change Mind

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It has emerged today that the CAO has made a significant blunder in the processing of this years college applications. At least 20 students who sent in change of mind forms fell victim to a computer problem that was known by the CAO but which they never informed the students of. To be honest, with… Read More »CAO Won’t Change Mind

Free Energy?

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It would appear that a small Dublin-based company has claimed to have found the answer to all our energy needs. Free energy! They have launched a challenge to all scientists to prove their claims to be wrong. In the meantime I’m sure that the government is investigating a way of taxing this free energy and… Read More »Free Energy?

Penguins Catch the Next Plane Home

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A bunch of penguins holidaying in Brazil after their ice floes metled having transported them many miles North are to be air lifted back home by the military. Don’t you just wish that every day was full of stories like this? source: