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January 2004

Close the Gates on Spam

Bill Gates of Microsoft spoke recently at a conference where he said that spam would be defeated in 2 years. He called for extra user vigilence in tandem with his plans for better filters, bulk mail retardants and in addition a postage stamp like system for e-mail. The article was not too clear on this… Read More »Close the Gates on Spam

Why Have They Gone Away?

Well as usual there’s always a witty posting on The Reg about something relatively current. This time it’s a take on the outsourcing of jobs (particularly in call centres) to India. Humourous to the last and a very clever anicdote to compare the situation to. source: The Register

Google Bombing

We all remember that quirky search for “miserable failure” in Google that turned up results of a particular US president but now Google Bombing seems to have become a sport in the making and more and more famous names are finding themselves turning up as the no. 1 result of certain unflattering keywords. One can’t… Read More »Google Bombing


Well after much talk in recent months it appears that CD-Wow will have to raise their prices to meet the copyright laws of importing cheaper merchandise from outside Europe. Ah well, it was good while it lasted and it’s a shame that there is no such thing as an “open market” even though some would… Read More »CD-Ow!

Mike Rowe Update

Well I said yesterday that I wanted to hear more about the story and indeed there is an update and no less than the MSN site is running the story. Seemingly MS have said that they may have been somewhat harsh in dealing with Mike Rowe and they now promise to treat the young… Read More »Mike Rowe Update


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Yesterday I returned home from work only to lift from my letter box what I assumed to be junk mail. Indeed I wasn’t too far from the truth. It was a flyer from the local corporation informing me about the new refuse charges to be employed in the city. For the last couple of years… Read More »Rubbish!

Big Brother

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The New Scientist is always a good read and yet again it has the goods on a legitimate virus idea by the FBI. Seemingly the FBI want to install Trojan Horses on peoples machines in an attempt to monitor potential criminals and undesirable activity. The Trojan, codenamed “Magic Lantern” seems to ring a bell with… Read More »Big Brother

Sounds Like Trouble

Well the men from MS are at it again, this time they appear to be taking action against a 17 year old Canadian whose personal domain name may be causing them problems. The young Canadian is Mike Rowe and his domain is I kid you not. Anyway read the story from the source as… Read More »Sounds Like Trouble

Yes, I Read

I have noticed this little idea on Rob O’Connor’s Weblog for a while now and I think it’s pretty neat. He’s got a little image of the book that he’s currently reading and a link to where you can read a review or buy the book. The reason that I think it’s good is that… Read More »Yes, I Read

In the news today

Well, in the news today Michael Jackson is due in court, Dubliners are 17% better off than the rest of Ireland, Mary Harney suffers an embarrassing resistance from her department with respect to decentralisation to Carlow and my very own research group the TSSG is headlining again with more publicity. What a day! source: Irish… Read More »In the news today