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November 2004

Competition Will Deflate You!

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The wonderful OECD have come to the amazing conclusion that competition in the market might help to curb inflation. Hmm let me see, decreased monopoly in certain areas, reduced prices, lower consumer spending (assuming excess demand for superflous items is not an issue). Now how did they ever come to that conclusion??? source: Irish Times… Read More »Competition Will Deflate You!

The User is the Weakest Link

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Nice article on the Reg about the stupidity of computer users. A topic very close to me and a theme that I constantly sound. Computers and software are generally not that unsafe, it’s the users who are unsafe!! source: The Register

Vodafone 3G with Irish Pricing

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When Vodafone announced that they would be launching 3G in Ireland nobody ever even doubted that the cost to the consumer would be large. However, it has now emerged that the Irish customer base will have to pay significantly more than our British counterparts. Que sera, sera at this stage. It’s the same with everything… Read More »Vodafone 3G with Irish Pricing

The Essence of Guilt

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Well I’m back to general life after a few weeks break enjoying the sites of Cape Town on our honeymoon. Fabulous place and well worth a visit if you can hack the long flight. Anyway I say the essence of guilt, essence being the French word for petrol and no other reason. It has come… Read More »The Essence of Guilt