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December 2003

Points for F1 Drivers

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Just read this article on a vague idea cast by Max Mosley (chief of motorsport in F1). He seems to be suggesting that a points system similar to that used in Ireland should be introduced into F1. Drivers would clock up points for offences and then would be suspended from races when they cross a… Read More »Points for F1 Drivers

No Relationship Whatsoever?

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Just picked this link off of Boing Boing (indeed a directory of weird and wonderful things). It seems to be an organisation that helps supposed cousins to get married and eliminate any myths associated with traditional cousin marriages through folklore. source: CUDDLE International

DVD Recorders

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The future is… well the future is the future but here’s an article on the present and the emmergence of DVD recorders with built-in hard disk drives. Now you can record your favourite shows to the hard disk and burn them down to DVD later on. Makes sense really and I wonder why exactly it… Read More »DVD Recorders

A Virtual Takeover?

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In the day that we live, our world has gone from global downturn/recession to an up and coming, looking good for the future, marketplace in the space of only a few months. Testament to one of two things in my opinion, 1) the strength of recovery power that now exists between nations who can’t solve… Read More »A Virtual Takeover?

Call for Cheaper Motor Insurance?

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Seemingly the IFSRA have recently conducted a study that shows how motor insurance quotes can vary greatly from one company to another. Personally I was amazed at this study. No, no not the findings but the fact that they actually took so long to conduct it on information that could have been obtained from two… Read More »Call for Cheaper Motor Insurance?