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April 2008

I’m a mixture of superheros

Much like Paul and Shane, I have a hard time resisting these little “what xyz are you” tests. Today’s offering is “What Superhero are you?”. I seem to lean towards a majority Spiderman/Flash, no doubt because I failed to say that I hate redheads which invariably means that I am somehow enthralled by Mary Jane… Read More »I’m a mixture of superheros

Dilbert goes to Feedburner

I had wondered for the last few days where my daily dosage of Dilbert in my Google Reader had gone to. Today I see an update on the old feed to alert me to a new feed URL ( So I’m back in Dilbert land again. In addition to the new URL all the comic… Read More »Dilbert goes to Feedburner

Fruits of our New Labour?

A couple of years ago I was talking to some friends about the political climate. In terms of party politics, the PDs had been decimated, Fianna Fáil had seized the country’s minds through no fault of their own but rather a global boom period of 10 years, Fine Gael were suffering because of the digs… Read More »Fruits of our New Labour?

Navigating through history

So often in my line of work, technology, I encounter the dilemma of watching technology emerge that does not directly benefit the end users; technology that sometimes makes life needlessly difficult. So, it’s at a time like this when I hear about a new development where technology is applied to a useful purpose that will… Read More »Navigating through history

Meet Pythagoras

Pythagoras Originally uploaded by jbwan Our new rabbit arrived home yesterday to his newly constructed hutch which I have made 1000% cat proof – I even find it difficult to get into it myself to give him his food and water. His name is Pythagoras but his friends call him Pi for short. 🙂 He’s… Read More »Meet Pythagoras

High School Kid Targets Chuck

Apparently a teenager in the US has been arrested under the suspicion of making terror threats and making up a “hit list” of people. Shockingly enough the name of Chuck “He counted to infinity twice” Norris, made it onto that list. A bit of advice kid, don’t mess with anyone who can slam a revolving… Read More »High School Kid Targets Chuck

Someone dusted off Danny

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For ages now, I and others have been awaiting the voice of Danny O’Hare to appear in the national media, attacking the case for a university in the South East. It’s pretty sad really that somebody could be so predictable as to have people watching the papers and waiting for him but there you go.… Read More »Someone dusted off Danny


I awoke this morning to see the entire of my garden covered in a blanket of snow – yes it is April 7th. Momentarily filled with childish glee I starred out over the blank canvas and dappled decking, recalling childhood memories of simpler times. When I was growing up we had a few good snowfalls in the… Read More »Wonderland