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February 2007

links for 2007-02-28

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Autopinger – Automates Ping Blog and Podcast for Free Ping your blog. Ping your podcast. does it all (tags: ping blog podcast update) Slashdot | Chinese Develop Remote Controlled Pigeons Remote controlled pigeons are finally here (tags: pigeon remote controlled control fly chinese) RFC 1149 A Standard for the Transmission of IP Datagrams on… Read More »links for 2007-02-28

I’m a winner!

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Just found out that I have been named as the winner of some Feedburner goodies. I’d like to congratulate my fellow victors, Frank and Bernard T and also to thank Paul who ran the competition and Bernie G who sent me in the right direction. Finally I will have a garment to be proud of.… Read More »I’m a winner!

Charity begins… nowhere!

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I’m sure that this will not come as a surprise to many but it certainly did to me. In recent times family members have gotten the urge to give something back to the community and wanted to volunteer their services to local charities and such. Amazingly the response is either we don’t want anyone right… Read More »Charity begins… nowhere!

Gmail no more?

Personally I really hope that this doesn’t happen as I have grown quite attached to my address but there is a badger on Google’s arse, in a manner of speaking. Apparently another company already has rights to the gmail trademark and Google have already lost the case in the UK. If they lose the… Read More »Gmail no more?

Exporting from MT to WordPress

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If like me you maintain a mirror of your main blog and that mirror happens to be a conveniently free account but your main blog is based on MovableType then this might be interesting to you. No doubt you will have already noticed that you can import your MovableType content without any real trouble… Read More »Exporting from MT to WordPress

links for 2007-02-27

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Micro Persuasion: Turn Gmail Into Your Personal Nerve Center Ever wondered what to do with your free space in Gmail? Wonder no more… (tags: gmail database free space google mail ideas life) Mark Probably the greatest website that I have seen this week. No messing, no fuss, just plain and simple text. (tags: shell… Read More »links for 2007-02-27

Shell site

This is sadly, ultra-cool in my opinion. These days there is so much emphasis placed on website usability and look and feel that it’s refreshing and nice to see somebody take it all back to brass tacks. Mark Woodman. Truly inspired IMHO. via: Tom Raftery

links for 2007-02-26

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Vmware how to – OSx86 Ever wanted Mac OSX on your PC? Apparently this is one way… (tags: mac apple osx pc vmware install) Brian White // » Gay Byrne on drugs A quip by Brian on the latest media announcement by gay Byrne – worth a read (tags: gay byrne drugs media ireland… Read More »links for 2007-02-26