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February 2005

You Can’t Argue with Dilbert!

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When the writers of Dilbert get it right you just can’t argue with them. This hillarious comic strip offers a daily reason to stop, think and enjoy a good piece of humour. Today’s entry defines the capitalist mind perfectly. Scott Adams & co., keep up the good work! source: Dilbert Comic Strip Archive –… Read More »You Can’t Argue with Dilbert!

Software Patents go back to Analysis

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Looks like the old software patent text has been given the heave-ho and told to go back to the drawing board. Well, it wouldn’t be legislation if it didn’t fail after large amounts of money were wasted on it only to start all over again. source: The Register

Clamp Down

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Now, I hate clampers as much as anyone else. They’re nasty, they potentially damage your vehicle while attaching and removing the clamp. Private clampers are even worse because they are rarely governed by the Road Traffic Act and therefore difficult to reason with. However, if there is any clamper sympathiser out there then this story… Read More »Clamp Down

If Orwell wrote Google…

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Thanks to Brian Dela again for this link. A clever piece of Flash enabled story telling. Paints a scarilly Orwellian view of the increased market presence of Google and what the future might hold. Well worth a few minutes of your time. source: ols-master

MovableType 3.15

Finally got around to upgrading my MT installation to MT 3.15 last evening. I must say, hats off yet again to the MT crew on the flawlessness of their software and ease of upgrade. It’s not the first time I have upgraded my installation and with quality like this, it won’t be the last either.… Read More »MovableType 3.15