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June 2007

links for 2007-06-20

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Greena Fail

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Yesterday an agreement was finally reached between the Green Party and Fianna Fail regarding the establishment of a new government. Some good things have been outlined such as increased spending on education that hopefully won’t just go into teacher’s pockets, the department of the environment will be merged with another department with a focus on… Read More »Greena Fail

Robot Parking

Strange as it may sound, the idea of a robot parking your car is not all that bizarre. The basic idea is that you put your car onto a platform that moves horizontally and vertically around a multistorey carpark. The result is no more ignorant folk who like to bash their doors against yours when… Read More »Robot Parking

Recreating last Summer

Recreating last Summer Originally uploaded by jbwan. Shot a photo almost identical to this one last year but the poor lily flower was covered in small flies. This year however, Rose Nymphe is shown in true splendour having opened for the first time on Sunday morning.

Damselfly III

Damselfly III Originally uploaded by jbwan. Wandering around my garden again with a tripod and a zoom lens, what must the neighbours think? 🙂

Another Day, Nothing Changes…

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So, here we are Summer in Ireland after a general election. Voting for change, shaking up the cabinet, so on so forth. Well none of it has happened, it’s the same old Ireland and the more I think about it the more I want to move to Provence and enjoy life with a community that… Read More »Another Day, Nothing Changes…

Hey Eircom!

Tip of the hat to Damien Mulley for finding this interesting snippet. Looks like decent, hard working folk in Lithuania are to be rewarded with 1Gb fibre connections straight to their doors. Yes, rather than laying age-old copper lines and maintaining them, the country’s Telecoms have decided to go with a proper option. Eircom heads,… Read More »Hey Eircom!

WordPress Permalinks

If like me you’ve run into the wonders of WordPress permalinks previously and hit brick walls such as 404 and 403 HTTP errors when you change from the default ?p=ID to the pretty /blog/2007/07/12/entry, then this post is for you and the many other people who have asked me this question previously. 🙂 Not sure why considering the fact that I use MovableType as my blogging software but anyway!

Changing your permalink structure from the WordPress default to the pretty, year/month/day/entry-id or similar custom structure can cause problems for some people depending on the setup of their hosting infrastructure. [..]

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