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Just read this disturbing piece of text about a forecast for 2050 when cars will drive themselves along motorways until the desired exit is reached. Meanwhile the so-called ‘driver’ can sleep or do whatever as the car speeds along paying tolls, etc as required. Worrying to say the least. Sometimes I just don’t think that… Read More »AUTO-Routes

Downloads Never Pay?

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Those in the music industry who campaigned against downloadable music and the horrible plague that it supposedly set upon artists (cough record producers cough) probably never expected that when the show went legit that Apple alone would have sold over 200 million songs since they put their iTunes service live (working out at about 4.7… Read More »Downloads Never Pay?

Fly By Wire-less

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The FCC in the US have voted in favour of providing wireless hi-speed network access to passengers on flights. Now people will be able to surf the web and check e-mail while they fly between destinations. Makes sense really but would make you wonder about why they still tell you not to use mobile phones… Read More »Fly By Wire-less

Leeching the State

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Bertie has said that the potential fiasco surrounding Minister Cullen and Monica Leech will have options looked at. Well, I know I’ll sleep sounder now knowing that options are being looked at rather than investigations taking place. I think the whole thing is very simple to assess and I sure wish I was getting Eur… Read More »Leeching the State


No not the car company but rather GM Cocaine as in genetically modified cocaine. Yes the cocaine producers of this world need to increase their harvests and produce steady crops. This latest development has resulted in coca plants that are supposedly twice the normal size. I’m sure somebody will be happy… source: The Register

IFRSA Report on Overcharging

The IFSRA report on overcharging in AIB was released yesterday and I’m sure was welcomed by the public. It provided no let-off for AIB in any way and totally placed all blame upon the group for not acting before it did. The report details that many senior management personnel knew about the overcharging for years… Read More »IFRSA Report on Overcharging


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Update on a previous posting about IBM’s sale of their PC unit. It has just been announced that a deal has been signed with a Chinese company (Lenovo) for $1.25 bn. source: The Irish Times Note: Irish Times article may require login