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February 2003

Blogging London

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Well just on my way back from a project meeting in London and said that I’d advertise a hotspot that I just found in London City Airport (LCY); for all those weary travellers out there. Unfortunately it’s operated through a provider known as megabeam and they like to charge you for the privelege. However, I… Read More »Blogging London

Next generation or no penetration?

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Being involved in the technical research domain I often find myself questioning emerging services from a consumer perspective rather than what my background may suggest. Yes, those who know me will agree I am opposed to many of the services that have been rolled out or thought of. My opposition is usually from an ethical or sociological standpoint and doesn’t always gel with my interests in developing the technologies to enable such services.

However, my big question (and has been for a while) is, what about 3G? Are we setting ourselves up for a next generation flop or a next generation boom? I had the good fortune of attending a great conference last year in Dallas, TX on the subject matter of IP operations and management. At this conference were a number of guest speakers from NEC, Alcatel and Nokia. I remember the issue being raised by the Nokia speaker about the drop-off in the telecommunications market and the reasons that were given. I however, had some different views on the subject and discussed them with him further.

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Prepare for hard disk growth

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Interesting article from which, I found through slashdot with my new newsreader :-), about a new discovery that may be the missing piece of the puzzle to a sudden increase in hard drive capacity. Read on… Tiny Whiskers Make Huge Memory Storage

RSS News Reader

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Just installed this nice little RSS news reader. Seems like a handy way of keeping track of other blogs, etc. Plenty of features all under the same roof. Give it a try – Download Awasu here.

Data Retention

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Thanks to for this one. The act that was passed to allow retention all information about telephone and internet calls by the general public so that it can be passed on to law enforcement units. I remember hearing about this some time ago but it seems to have surfaced again with the advnet of… Read More »Data Retention

Linux, Windows? Nah, Lindows!

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It’s about time I posted an article on this as I have been following this great story for over a year now. For those of you that haven’t heard of Lindows, it’s a new operating system built on the bones of Linux but offering the ability to run many Windows programs. Being a Linux advocate,… Read More »Linux, Windows? Nah, Lindows!

Finally 2.62 is live

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Well today has been all blog and the last entry before sleep is no exception. I finally got the chance to upgrade Moveable Type to 2.62 after seeing the release of 2.6 on the site some time ago. The upgrade was pretty seemless even though being the eternal cynic I backed up everything several times… Read More »Finally 2.62 is live

Opera stings back

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An interesting posting in the blog of Mark Pilgrim regarding the seemingly deliberate attempt by Microsoft to target Opera users and the subsequent counter attack by Opera. Good for a laugh anyway if you have the time… Bork Bork Bork [dive into mark]

Blog Genealogy

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Just discovered this site. I like the idea of further enhancing the online community by establishing a blog genealogy. This way the community can discover who inspired the creation of individual blogs and see if those blogs went on to inspire others. Just like in real life. Check out the BlogTree link to my blog… Read More »Blog Genealogy

Google likes blogging

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As the cunningly Wall St encoded heading may suggest, Google has purchased a web publishing firm, Pyra Labs. Should be testament enough to the appeal of blogging for those cynics out there… Google buys popular Web publishing company – Feb. 17, 2003