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March 2006

Justice Minister Begs Pardon

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Our minister for justice was yesterday forced into making two apologies for scandalous remarks that he made about other politicians recently. It’s about time that he has been pulled up on his very vocal behaviour with such remarks. I just can’t understand how other politicians have been shamed over less embarrassing behaviour in the past.… Read More »Justice Minister Begs Pardon

Eurovision Scandal: Douze points

Just when you thought that all the energy had been drained from the Eurovision song contest and that no controversy could ever surface: Behold, a fued between neighbouring republics Montenegro and Serbia as they battle for independence from Belgrade. The battle between the two countries and the scandal over the voting to select an entry… Read More »Eurovision Scandal: Douze points

Oh the poor managers!

A report out in the Times today suggests that senior management have a quality of life, worse than that of the gravely ill. Quite frankly I have to dispute this and I cannot help but wonder how this conclusion was arrived at. Managers delegate, that is all that they do, especially senior level management. It… Read More »Oh the poor managers!