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June 2005

Hats Off to U2

Since the U2 gigs in Croke Park ended (sadly didn’t get to see them myself) the band have still been in the headlines of the papers. They are taking a case against an ex-stylist for unlawfully retaining some items of clothing including a hat and some trousers. I heard on the Ray Darcy show this… Read More »Hats Off to U2

Conserving Water

At a time when the entire of the Emerald Isle is being urged to conserve water for some reason (God knows it’s not for the lack of availability), it’s comforting to see yet another government catastrophy The National Aquatic Centre in Dublin is leaking millions of litres of water. First it was the roof blowing… Read More »Conserving Water

A Government That Understands

The last two days have spoken volumes about the government of this country. Yesterday came the comments from Seamus Brennan that pensioners should be allowed to re-mortgage their houses to the state to gain more money in later life (source: Irish Times). Now, just how would these pensioners pay back the loan? Possible answer state… Read More »A Government That Understands

Absolute Power

Whoever said that the vintners didn’t control the country will surely eat their words this week. The mighty McDowell has been taken down a peg with opposition to “his” cafe bar idea. Instead a proposal by vintners to loosen restaurant licences looks like an alternative. Tail wagging the dog all over again… source: Irish Times… Read More »Absolute Power

Opting out of Irish

According to a recent study the number of pupils dropping out of the Irish exams for both Junior and Leaving Certificate has increased by more than 400 percent. Sure it is no wonder when pupils are forced to struggle to learn a language as a by-product of text memorising and native discussion that forms an… Read More »Opting out of Irish

Office ML

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Thanks to BDela for the pointer. Microsoft have finally made the move to native XML formats for their office suite. Much like OpenOffice the XML content will be stored in a zip archive therefore reducing file sizes by a considerable amount. Should lead to less document corruption as long as they got the serialisation and… Read More »Office ML

Jekyll and Hyde

Our famous Minister for justice (usually famous for not being liked by many of the citizens of the country ref. recent discussion on the Last Word, Today FM) has done a Jekyll and Hyde on us. Usually fire and brimstone against anything with the slightest incorrectness he has now issued a statement that he might… Read More »Jekyll and Hyde