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July 2008

The 200

It has been a while since we had a good ole riot. Ah yes, you know that recession is in town when you have a riot of movie proportions, hitting the streets in Ireland. Apparently there was a riot in Mullingar today, involving about 200 people. As of yet there has been no reasons for the riot… Read More »The 200

Cuil – is it cool?

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Reading yesterday’s FT I spotted just how out of touch I was with recent events in the world of the internet. A brand new search engine, hyped as a possible competitor to Google, has emerged. Written as Cuil but pronounced “cool” it straightaway fails on the potential of having somebody say “have you cooled them… Read More »Cuil – is it cool?

Living with iPhone

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So, I’ve been a bit negative in general about the iPhone. I’ve been steadfast with respect to my opinion that the product merges two products that just should not be composed, when one is an essential communications device. Last week I had an e-mail from some cousins in Australia (big hello to Beth and the… Read More »Living with iPhone

MacBook Air Alternative?

I’m rarely enthused by the actions of those who “hack” software and hardware together that never had previous meetings but this is different. The MSI Wind (aka an Advent sub notebook) has a very nice 10″ screen and is now capable of running Mac OSX Leopard, albeit with a few hacks that are not for the feint… Read More »MacBook Air Alternative?