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October 2008

Virtually murdered him, She did

Just when you thought that you’d heard it all, you read this story. A Japanese woman who is an avid player in one of these wonderful virtual life games was recently so livid at her unexpected online, virtual divorce to her online, virtual husband that she killed off his character – virtually murdering him! Basically… Read More »Virtually murdered him, She did

Dressing it up

The whole country has been up in arms since last week’s budget and the announcement that the medical cards for the over-70s would be harshly means-tested. There were other controversial movements in the budget also but this seemingly is the one that has grabbed most of the headlines and caused the most controversy. The aim… Read More »Dressing it up

Budgie 2009 – Talk is cheep!

As words cannot contain the overwhelming feeling of rage that I have at the moment I will be brief. Earlier today I made a comment to Shane that if today’s budget was delivered and the metro in Dublin was not cut from it, there would be no future for this country. The budget was delivered and… Read More »Budgie 2009 – Talk is cheep!

Oxbridge on iTunes

Yes, it would appear that the good folk at Oxford and Cambridge have decided to open up a wealth of their lectures to the general public. No indication of a fee that I can see nor if the material will be offered up for free, I hope it’s the latter. Combined audio and video media… Read More »Oxbridge on iTunes