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May 2005

20 Years in the Making

Liverpool have just won the champions league in a bizarre match that saw them return from 3-0 down. Go on the pool!

Eurovision – Wrong Contest?

This weekend saw the passing of yet another European curiosity. Yes, one cannot but applaud the manifestation of sheer enthusiasm, national pride, and musical annihilation that is the accidental entertainment value of the Eurovision song contest. Thankfully our Irish duo did not make it to the final this year; removing any last-minute, outside chance that… Read More »Eurovision – Wrong Contest?

Store Wars

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A very humourous piece of video editing in the form of Star Wars but with an organic twist. Thanks to Miguel for the link. source:

Blog Stalkers

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For all those out there who maintain a personal website or weblog: be warned that you may become the victim of a deluded stalker. Thanks to fmk for the link to a darkly entertaining story. source: Sigla Magazine

Last Minute Purchase

  • by are set to complete their sale to Sabre Holdings today for a reported Eur 844M. Looks like the dotCom days are here again. Must register – the only place for really cheap deals! source: Irish Times Note: Irish Times article may require login

ISs Visible

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Looks as though the international space station will be visible all over Ireland this week. Keep watching the skies… source: Irish Times Note: Irish Times article may require login

Testing Times

This morning it was announced by the Minister for Transportation that there would be a move to partly privatise the driving test. In an attempt to decrease the backlog of driving test applicants on waiting lists around the country – this is the best plan that they could come up with. Let me see, it’s… Read More »Testing Times

Savings Online

Heard this story on the Last Word on Today FM while driving home last evening. The banking sector in Ireland is set up for a bit of competition by the introduction of an internet only bank. Rabo Direct are a Netherlands-based financial institution and appeal to anyone who can offer one Euro to open an… Read More »Savings Online

Crystal Clear

Overheard on the radio this morning and read in the paper: It looks like Waterford Crystal are to shut up shop in Dungarvan after 30 years of working in the town. Further bad news for the company and moreso for the many workers. Waterford Crystal has been a main stay of the county for decades… Read More »Crystal Clear