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August 2003

Antitrust for the RIAA

It appears as though the community of webcasters have teamed up to slap an antitrust suit on the RIAA for anti-competitive behaviour. The move comes following the increase in royalty fees and leaked information regarding a large sum of money accepted by a congressman, who forced the deal, for a trip to the Far East.… Read More »Antitrust for the RIAA

It’s Not Just the Poles

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This summers heat waves have seen record temperatures set right across Europe but more ominously they have also made the effects of global warming more apparent. It used to be the case that the polar ice caps were melting and people maybe didn’t take it so seriously due to the removed distance. However, it now… Read More »It’s Not Just the Poles

A Really Big Food Fight

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Well I guess that somebody had to do it. It seems as though the Spanish have organised the largest food fight in history with residents and tourists to the small town of Bunol throwing spoiled fruit at each other. The event saw the streets of the town run red with tomato pulp. One can only… Read More »A Really Big Food Fight

A Sign of Things to Come

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Just read this interesting snippet from Jon Udell about an idea that was passed by him for using road signs in Ireland as the basis for location-based services. Great idea and I can only wonder why our wonderfully knowledgeable government is not getting out there and doing something about it. source: Jon Udell: Bootstrapping location-based… Read More »A Sign of Things to Come

Buy Buy Handhelds

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Interesting article suggesting (in line with current trends) that people will soon move away from standalone PDA type devices in a mass exodus towards composed handheld devices. Such devices include the O2 XDA, Nokia 9210 Communicator and so on. The idea of a smart phone is gripping people who want more and more technology in… Read More »Buy Buy Handhelds


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Just reading the latest report on the Sobig virus and warnings of possible new strains of the virus that might be seen in the very near future. I have to stop and wonder that with all the technology available to us these days and how savvy we have become; why are so many people still… Read More »Sobig


Well for the last two days I have been out flat (due to putting my back out that is). During a two day spell while I was mostly incapacitated I got the chance to suffer some daytime television. Programmes are rubbish but the ads provoke thought. On English channels there are constant ads during the… Read More »Observations

Look! Guess! Monster!

Heard about this on Today FM this morning on the way to work and thanks to Rob O’Connor for reminding me to follow up the story. It seems as though the analysis of sonar data retrieved from Muckross Lake last April in Killarney (Co. Kerry) has shown the existence of a previously unknown occupant. Already… Read More »Look! Guess! Monster!

Master Blaster

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Looks like the new worm that reared its ugly head on Monday is starting to cause some unease in the sector. So far it has had an astounding infection rate but experts fear that the worst may still come in the form of a supposedly scheduled DOS (Denial Of Service) attack this weekend. Read on…… Read More »Master Blaster

Google AdSense

Old news at this stage but worth a mention again after a recent article in the Irish Times (08/08/2003: subscription only) showed that the affiliate program for Google AdSense was actually paying good dividends to small website owners. It’s a handy way of making your website work for you and generate a bit of revenue… Read More »Google AdSense