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Open invitation to Gay Byrne

I was informed during the week that Gay Byrne was recently on the radio singling out young male drivers as being the only problem on our roads. Apparently this interview was particluarly condemning of Ireland’s and the insurance industry’s favourite scape goat. It’s a pity really that it has come to this: Gay Byrne was… Read More »Open invitation to Gay Byrne

A new depth of shallowness

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For so long now the majority of Western civilisation has lived life based on the shallow assumption that looks are everything. For so long people have been driven to distraction, to think that their teeth are no white enough, their bodies are not correctly shaped or God knows what else. Just this week I caught… Read More »A new depth of shallowness

Out of debt, after death

I heard about this on the news yesterday and was simply shocked at the thought of old people signing over a maximum of 15% of their homes to the government so that nursing home fees can be paid after they pass on. I am almost without words that life long tax payers, having paid so… Read More »Out of debt, after death

To Zune or not to Zune

At this stage everyone has heard of the new Zune media device from Microsoft. A bit of a buzz has been generated about yet another device aimed at the iPod generation. However, a greater buzz has surrounded the focus on DRM and the device. Many stories including imcompatibility of already purchased music with the device… Read More »To Zune or not to Zune

No such thing as any lunch?

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We’ve all heard that there was no such thing as a free lunch but it is starting to look like there will soon be no such thing as lunch. A recent study has shown that the Irish lunch hour has been whittled away to a mere 38 minutes on average. The British are even guiltier… Read More »No such thing as any lunch?

ESB Hike to be Reviewed

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The 19% increase granted to the ESB by the energy deregulator earlier this year is set to be reviewed due to a dramatic fall in the price of oil since the grant. However, early words are only indicating that a couple of percentage points will be dropped from the increase rather than abolishing the increase… Read More »ESB Hike to be Reviewed

Java goes OpenSource under GPL

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Looks like Java is set to go opensource under GPL in the near future. Could be very interesting for a language that has already reaped so many benefits from community process. Read more on Jonathan Schwartz’s weblog

New Walkies

Treated myself to a new set of walkies over the weekend. I’m amazed at how much these things offer these days and at low prices. Anyway got a set of Uniden PMR 885 with a 8km range, headsets, vox, channel scanning and a host of other features.

Robot Cheese

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Remember the scene from Pulp Fiction with Samuel L Jackson and John Travolta, the “Royale with cheese” car scene. Well here it is in full robotic glory. link:

Take my breath away

Last night while driving home I was subjected to my first random breath test. While it was comforting to see Gardaí at midnight on a Saturday, while all hell is probably breaking loose in the city centre, out checking tax and insurance and random breath testing in the suburbs it’s not that nice. Don’t get… Read More »Take my breath away