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March 2008

Fixed Easter?

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Apparently an Irish business group has got together to propose that Easter should fall on a fixed date each year. Now this is just brilliant! The article is citing that the group wants all manner of altruistic causes to be served by a fixed date for Easter but why would a business group want things that… Read More »Fixed Easter?

You too could be a star

Tip of the hat to JazzBiscuit for showing me this first and as such I’m trailing way behind the world of recent events by posting this but the more I think about it, the more it is worth a post. Many out there will be aware of the name Sophie Merry, who at this stage… Read More »You too could be a star

Arthur C. Clarke RIP

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Nothing but death in the last couple of days. This morning I learned of the death of Arthur C. Clarke, the famous author of “2001 a Space Odyssey”. Arthur’s imagination and understanding of the vaguely known gave rise to an entire generation of devoted fans to his work. I first encountered him in the context… Read More »Arthur C. Clarke RIP

Organised Spammers

I have posted on occasion when spammers have made me laugh and today is no exception to that pattern of my behaviour. We are all so used to getting spam in one form or other, be it suspect medications, lottery wins, traditional 419’ers or any other number of things. Today however, there was something new… Read More »Organised Spammers

The finest Cod fillet

In sad news today, Captain Bird’s Eye has passed away at the age of 86, well the actor who played him anyhow. Probably the most iconic Captain of an entire generation, if not two. The memories of the ads will live on. Adieu! source: BBC News

Getting published

Recently I sent four staggered e-mails and most recently (last week) I sent a written letter by regular post to the Irish Times on the issue of a university for the South East. For some reason, none of my requests to be published in the “Letters to the Editor” section fell on the right desk.… Read More »Getting published

Just how ridiculous is this?

We now live in an age whereby the complete over-reaction to terrorism, that has always been going on but never highlighted, ensures that we live each and every day in fear. Whether we step on a bus, wait for a flight or any other daily activity, we have seen some media campaign that makes us… Read More »Just how ridiculous is this?

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Silverlight 60

Apparently, Nokia are to embed the Microsoft Silverlight client into their S60 handsets. The often feared symbian OS is now getting a pseudo-Flash client that will allow developers to make applications for S60 phones easier than they have been able to do so in native Symbian code. However, the combination of non-Flash posing as Flash… Read More »Silverlight 60