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Fixed Easter?

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Apparently an Irish business group has got together to propose that Easter should fall on a fixed date each year. Now this is just brilliant! The article is citing that the group wants all manner of altruistic causes to be served by a fixed date for Easter but why would a business group want things that don’t benefit business or at least don’t appear to on the surface? Personally I think that this is just another way of trying to force the Irish workforce to be more manageable drones with less variation from year to year. Ireland is a Catholic country that has always abided by major Catholic feast days as public holidays. The timing of these feast days is a matter for religion and not for any business lobby to decide. If a business wants to ignore a religious holiday then that’s their choice and so be it but at least have the guts to come out and say it. For anyone else, the calculation of the date for Easter has significance with certain Lunar events and so should it be allowed to continue without pressure from groups who care not why the day is calculated but see it purely as a resource planning issue. Irish people already spend far too much of their lives commuting to and from work, in work and working at home and the weekends; pushing resource planning to get more from this is frankly ridiculous. source: Irish Times

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