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What is it with garlic?

Okay I’m officially fuming at the moment. I’ve just spent my entire Saturday working on code instead of relaxing and I just ducked out to the supermarket to get something in the range of quick foods. Soup was on my mind so I perused the soup aisle. Hmmm, so many varieties, which one? Harvest vegetables, sounds good. Just a quick check to make sure it’s suitable for vegetarians: carrots, fine; water, fine, garlic, what the hell? Why? Why would somebody put garlic in harvest vegetable soup? Ok I’ll go for the mushroom, should be pretty simple, mushroom soup, soup with mushrooms? No, feckin’ garlic again!! A tomato soup, garlic too!! Is it possible to buy soup without garlic in it anymore? If this was an isolated incident I probably wouldn’t be too concerned. However, it’s currently getting to the point whereby I can no longer go to a restaurant or buy a prepared quick meal without being subjected to the torture of garlic being added to damn well everything!! Plenty of people like garlic and that’s fine, go ahead and enjoy it but it didn’t get its reputation for being wonderful. I happen to be one of the many people who are forced to suffer this garlic revolution at the moment. I can neither stand the taste nor the smell of garlic and it completely ruins a meal for me if either of those senses are violated by this rotten bulb. Why should garlic be the default in everything these days? Dips for potato chips have garlic, ready meals have garlic, most dishes in restaurants have a garlic infused sauce, pizza comes with garlic and tomato base sauce, sweet chilli sauce has garlic in it, it’s nearly impossible to find something that doesn’t either have pure garlic or garlic powder in it in some way. Whoever you are that is making these decisions, please stop for the love of all that is worth living for. You are ruining my dining options in every walk of cuisine. Ready made food manufacturers don’t add garlic by default unless your labels explicitly say chilli and garlic sauce or tomato and garlic soup. Restauranteurs give people an option of having garlic in their sauce if they want but don’t limit everyone’s choice by putting garlic in your entire batch of ready made sauces for the evening’s business. Give us a feckin’ break!!

2 thoughts on “What is it with garlic?”

  1. Unfortunately for you mate, most of the rest of us like garlic. I for one *add* garlic to many dishes.

    It is a good reason to cook your own food from fresh ingredients though 😉

  2. You sir, are not helping my plight!! 😉 I’ve no problem with people who like it but I wouldn’t go assuming that you’re a majority. You’d be surprised at exactly how many people don’t actually like it but just put up with it. Not me though; soon I’ll launch an anti-garlic campaign to rid this scourge from the culinary world. 🙂

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