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Time to unwind

I’ve decided to take a little break from work for the next two weeks and to try and stay away from my computers as much as I can. Not going anywhere, just trying to relax. So, expect fewer postings within this period. That got me thinking, fewer postings, dear God no! What to do, what to do? I recalled that there is a thing going around the blogosphere at the moment regarding guest posts on blogs (e.g. X goes away for a while and Y agrees to make a posting or two on X’s blog to keep the entries ticking over). Would I dare? Oh, sure why not? So, if anyone of the miniature army of readers out there wants to volunteer their services to make a guest post on my blog over the next two weeks, let me know. In return your name will be credited to the post, your URL will be an automatic linkback to your site and you’ll be referenced by one of Technorati’s current top 2500 blogs. Plus, I might even say thanks. 🙂 Topics of technology, humour, and current affairs are all welcome – stay away from the politics, I do that subject badly enough as it is. 🙂 Comment on this posting and let me know or alternatively send me an e-mail if you already know my address.

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