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Where have all the websites gone?

A couple of days ago I was looking to purchase a new mobile phone and as I am currently a customer of O2 in Ireland I went to their website to pick out my new handset. However, when I got there the cupboard was certainly bare. The website was down for maintenance for a period of about 3 days. Who ever heard of taking a major website offline while you put the new one into action? Surely the old one could have been left in place?

Anyway the torment continues as today I start for the first time into J2ME development. No prior experience of MIDlet development or anything like that so it should be interesting to say the least. So I did the usual google search on J2ME tutorial and went to the first link that looked someway decent. From there I followed a link pointing me to Sun’s J2ME Wireless Toolkit only to be greeted by a message informing me that the site would be down for upgrade today and please call back. Another major website taken offline when all I wanted to do was to download a toolkit to start developing. Au Français “zut! et zut alors!”

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