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Alas poor CJ

At 10:00 AM this morning former Irish Taoiseach, Charles Haughey, passed away after a long fight against cancer. Whatever opinions may have been circulated about the former Taoiseach, I’m sure that everyone on this island will admit that CJ was certainly one of the great characters of Irish politics. Good or bad, he purveyed a charisma that led to both admiration and “Scrap Saturday” humour. Adieu Charlie, R.I.P.

An excerpt from one of my favourite Scrap Saturday sketches by Dermot Morgan and co. involving CJ and his secretary PJ Mara. Taking place in CJ’s wood panelled office, PJ is unable to find the door because of all the wood panelling.

PJ (feeling around the walls): “Ah, Boss, I can’t find the door”
CJ (in a deep, gut-felt snipe): “Try the feckin window”