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Yesterday I returned home from work only to lift from my letter box what I assumed to be junk mail. Indeed I wasn’t too far from the truth. It was a flyer from the local corporation informing me about the new refuse charges to be employed in the city. For the last couple of years we have had to place a Eur 5 tag on our bins in order for them to be collected. Now we will have to pay an Eur 80 annual fee and also attach a Eur 1.50 tag to our recyclable bins and a Eur 4.50 tag (in the form of 3 * Eur 1.50 tags) to our multipurpose ‘grey’ bin. Sad really, an annual charge and a usage charge, where’s the justice in that. I think a lot of people here in Waterford will start to refuse the refuse charge. The only reason it has come in is because of the usual Irish attitude of never complaining to public officials and never remembering that we live in a democracy and as such should be able to control our country by majority rule and not by a couple of intellectually impaired politicians who wonder no more than where their next pay cheque is coming from. Oh I give up, but not on this issue, this is something I feel very strongly about and as a tax payer I have a right to basic services that I am paying to fund anyway without having to supplement even further through additional taxation. reference source: Waterford City Council