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The Cost of Road Deaths

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A report scheduled to be published in the near future by the NRA with respect to the road death statistics in Ireland, based on information from the Gardai, highlights some interesting cost figures. Seemingly the accidents on Irish roads last year cost an unbelieveable Eur 728M, almost the national deficit. In addition it states that each fatal accident cost and average of Eur 1,357,489? I am very interested in getting a copy of this report to see if any breakdown on this figure is available. Most insurance companies pay out a miserable figure in the order of 10000-20000 upon death of the insured I’d love to know where the extra Eur 1.33M comes in.

Even more bemusing is this following statement taken from the end of the referenced article, “Men accounted for 72 per cent of fatalities on the roads in 2002, although the gender of the victim was not specified in all cases”. What? 72% of an unknown gender total. Can statistics like this actually be allowed to trickle through into written fact? That’s about as legitimate as saying “Well there were 100 accidents, we interviewed 10 of the victims’ families and found out that the victim was male. The other 90 families who had lost their daughter were unavailable to comment and as such we must conclude that 100% of the accidents were caused by males, although we never actually asked the families if the victim was driving at the time”. Come on, please give us an ounce of credit before releasing nonsense like this!!! source: Irish Times

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