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Damn We’re Good!

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I was listening to the news last night and heard an interesting report about the efficiency of the Irish workers. It seems that in the productivity stakes even though we work less hours on average than the market leader America, we still put out comparatively good worth per capita figures. This all means that the Irish workforce puts in more effort in less time than our global neighbours. Naturally IBEC comdemned the ILO report saying that it could have been swayed by extremes from the technology sector. Didn’t IBEC recently state that the technology sector in Ireland was waning greatly? Ah well I guess they’re right, after all if you performed the survey based on IBEC offices alone I’m sure that the figures would have been much lower. Although, now the RTE snippet reflects that IBEC blame the pharmaceuticals industry. Last night on the news they had footage from a highly electronic factory with circuit boards, screens and other gizmos. Hmm, is news being rewritten already? I wonder if Winston Smith is working for RTE? source: RTÉ News