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Linux, Windows? Nah, Lindows!

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It’s about time I posted an article on this as I have been following this great story for over a year now. For those of you that haven’t heard of Lindows, it’s a new operating system built on the bones of Linux but offering the ability to run many Windows programs. Being a Linux advocate, I remember tracking the project when it first started and thought that it would be great to have another choice on the market. Then I found out that it was being charged for and not free like Linux. I have to admit that this toned down my enthusiasm slightly but this downturn was short-lived.

I discovered that the team behind Lindows wasn’t just trying to release an operating system but rather an entire solution. Since the first stable release of Lindows it has been shipped with a new wave of affordable PC’s in the US. The first $300 pc was born. This month the first $799 laptop is entering the market. This project has gone from strength to strength and I believe that by offering the complete solution ready to run, Lindows will break a market previously untouched by vendors other than Microsoft. This is a potential success story well worth following. The brains behind the operation, Michael Robertson, dishes out a periodical newsletter that well worth signing up to. At least you should check out the site to find out more…