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Facebook overtakes Google (Stateside)

New figures from Hitwise reveal national domination for Facebook. For the week ending March 13, Facebook grabbed 7.07 percent of all U.S. web traffic, barely beating Google at 7.03 percent. This made Facebook the most popular web destination in the U.S.

Just the site before anyone gets too excited. Although it would seem to suggest that a great deal of people are switching to Facebook as a homepage and a first port of call after booting up. Wonder will the coming months see it break out a greater lead?

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2 thoughts on “Facebook overtakes Google (Stateside)”

  1. Worrying trend. I see the utility (though I’m not a Facebook user) but worry this is going to warp the development of the web. Money is going to increasingly focus on building inside Facebook rather than out on the “open” web.

  2. Would tend to agree with you Paul. Seeing all effort expended to create things within a sealed box is a little uncomfortable given that the technology would lend itself to wider website inclusion and equal advertising options to subsidise the offerings. I was gobsmacked to hear that Facebook had taken over (albeit marginally) from the homepage of many browsers and the usual first point of contact for a random internet session. Wonder how the trend will go over the coming year?

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