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April 2004

e-voting no more

The e-voting fiasco that has swept the country over the last few months has come to a very interesting conclusion. The electronic system proposed for the forthcoming June elections has now been postponed until further notice. source: Department of the Environment and Local Government

Reality has gone too far!

While travelling to the airport on Monday before heading to Madrid I heard a story on Ray Darcy about a reality TV show in Singapore entitled “Dr. Love’s Superbaby Making Show”. Indeed the show supposedly does exactly what it says on the tin. Inviting couples from around the various continents to become the first to… Read More »Reality has gone too far!

Chill Out

Ever feel like a cool drink on a hot day (very appropriate in Madrid today) but someone forgot to put the drinks in the fridge? Well it looks as though a self-chilling can may be the solution to your needs. Read on… source: Irish Independent Note: Article may require login

Blogging Madrid

Well, I’m in Madrid at the moment it’s about 00:45 and I’ve just discovered that my hotel has a WiFi hotspot available. Amazing what a night of tapas and wine will do for the network snooping curiousities. Seriously though I had an agenda to actually check mail for the project rather than just needed an… Read More »Blogging Madrid

Light up your life?

It appears (I haven’t heard anything about it before now) that Dublin is to be fitted out with a light display to celebrate the EU expansion. I’m sure the ESB will be happy anyway. Features of the display will include a nightly use of 154,000 watts of power (sponsored by the good people of Ireland… Read More »Light up your life?

Software Sales

A banking software company in Dublin has just been sold for $100M, and they still tell us that hi-tech is not in favour. Me thinks it’s time to set up my own company and get out of this rat race. source: Irish Times Note: Irish Times article may require login

Water but not wet

A new chemical developed in ths US exhibits all the fire fighting properties of water and even looks like water but it doesn’t wet anything. Strange but seemingly true. The chemical called Saphire may see firefighters extinguishing fires without the usual associated water damage. source:

Stem Cells

Stem cells have finally been used to help heal a fracture in the skull of an animal. Very interesting article about the use of stem cells for helping to heal such problems. It has been long publicised that stem cells hold much promise as an alternative to gorwing clones for spare parts. Hopefully further research… Read More »Stem Cells

ComReg to Seize .ie

Well it’s about time and hopefully we’ll see prices start to fall as a result of this move. Legislation is currently being drafted that will see ComReg in control of the Irish Domains (i.e. .ie’s). Most Irish companies don’t even bother looking at registering a .ie address due to the red tape nonsense and overpriced… Read More »ComReg to Seize .ie

The Blogging Gene?

Thanks to Seán H for this link to a humourous article on the reg. Worth a few minutes of your time for a few smiles. source: The Register