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January 2008

Jeremy Beadle RIP

Yesterday marked the passing of a great British comic, Jeremy Beadle. The entertainer used to crack me up as a kid, watching Beadle’s About, when he would spring the most surreal of events on the unsuspecting public. He then went on to bring the funny home video clips idea to the UK market which possibly… Read More »Jeremy Beadle RIP

Rogue Trader

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Just heard yesterday that a rogue trader working in France has cost a major French bank about Eur 4.9 billion. How come everytime a recession is forecast that a rogue trader is found out? Is it that everyone loves a rogue trader when they’re making money? source: Irish Times


It would appear that voters are currently undecided on whether or not the Taoiseach should resign after all this recent surface scratching has revealed. 44% think he should go and 46% say he shouldn’t. Hopefully this will clarify it for everyone: Jump Bertie! Jump!! source: Irish Times

Quamtum of Solace

That’s what Daniel Craig’s second outing as 007 will be called or so the official word, released today, says. Rumour is that the film will be out in November and I’m looking forward to seeing the continuance of Craig’s gritty Bond character and whether or not he will become less likeable as a character thereby… Read More »Quamtum of Solace

Waterford, Lonely, No More!!

Every now and then in Ireland, the issue of counties acknowledging each other for what they are pops up. Dublin, being the biggest City in the republic, often has its residents stereotyped as not knowing the world outside of it (something I have come across sadly). Other counties are so bitter that they’ll do anything… Read More »Waterford, Lonely, No More!!

777 Jackpot?

Last week we all heard the news of a plane crash at Heathrow in London. The Boeing 777 passenger jet seemingly lost power to both of its engines and only thanks to the skill of the pilot, managed to crash land just inside the airport fences. Anyone who knows me, will know that I haven’t… Read More »777 Jackpot?

Backed Up?

Normally us computer users freak out over not backing up important data at times when we lose it. We always say that it will never happen again and we pontificate to others about the importance of doing so. Well the Irish government is now going to take that step for us and back up everything… Read More »Backed Up?