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Jeremy Beadle RIP

beadle.jpgYesterday marked the passing of a great British comic, Jeremy Beadle. The entertainer used to crack me up as a kid, watching Beadle’s About, when he would spring the most surreal of events on the unsuspecting public. He then went on to bring the funny home video clips idea to the UK market which possibly inspired the early generation of Jackass type actors but no doubt was the first example of user generated media content that we saw, long, long before anything like youtube arrived on the scene. RIP Jemery.

1 thought on “Jeremy Beadle RIP”

  1. I’ll second those sentiments exactly. I too grew up on a diet of some of Jeremy’s finer creations such as Game For a Laugh and Beadle’s About. I saw him interviewed on Sky TV a few weeks ago (talking about some new quiz books he was publishing) but he did not look a well man.

    The world has lost yet another one of it’s most original artists. May he rest in peace.

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