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October 2006

Feck the Government

Today I went for a run, gym-bound as the weather was less than I was willing to put up with. Whilst puffing my way through several kilometres on the threadmill my thoughts unwittingly turned to politics. I got thinking about how much I always wanted to run a marathon and then how I should do… Read More »Feck the Government

Aaaaaaahhhh Again

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It’s rarely that I follow up one of my own posts within 24 hours but when it’s something that I am incredibly passionate about then exceptions will always exist. This morning I noticed that my last post had already been tracked by and I was delighted to see such a fast pick-up. Sadly however,… Read More »Aaaaaaahhhh Again


Been looking around now for a while for a nice way to track coverage through the IDE rather than having to run a separate build every time I want to check something. Up until now I have been making do with a 30-day trial of the omnipotent Clover. However, I’ve finally gotten a chance to… Read More »Coverlipse

Web Rage

Just when you thought you were safe behind your PC from the various dangers of road rage, shopping rage and good old general rage – they bring you WEB RAGE! Yes, in today’s news from the BBC is a story about two men who exchanged insults in a chat room that resulted in one of… Read More »Web Rage

Hasta la Vista

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Paul W has a valid point in his posting today on Microsoft’s Vista licensing model. I have heard others talk about it previously but the proposed license structure is simply unworkable. Basically the activation strategy has been taken one step further and severly limits the number of times you can change your hardware before forking… Read More »Hasta la Vista

Ireland off the hook

An unadapted subject line from The Register. For some reason or other the EU has decided to let Ireland away with not providing location information for callers to emergency numbers (e.g. 999 or 112). The national authority for Ireland has spoken and assured the EU that the service is now available – apparently this was… Read More »Ireland off the hook

Pimp or Pump?

It’s more than often that the ramblings at The Register provide me with cause for a giggle or two but the problem posed in this latest post is mind blowingly hillarious. What it all boils down to is the ultimate question, “Does pimping a blow-up doll infringe upon your country’s prostitution laws?” source: The Register