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Fireworks – I’m glad something works

I’m just sitting here at the moment watching the 9 o’clock news and in particular an article on the attitude that will be taken towards fireworks this Halloween. In addition to listening to the news I’m also listening to the incredible racket outside of fireworks going off in all directions. I think that the no-tolerance attitude is failing somewhat as the fireworks have been exploding for nearly 4 hours solid now and all from the same direction. I’m not making light of the problems that the Gardaí face in policing this issue but maybe it’s time that we reviewed our attitude to legalising fireworks in this country. It doesn’t seem to be a problem in many other countries and the supply of fireworks to the republic doesn’t seem to be a problem either so why not just make it safer for all concerned and legalise the contraband, eliminating the dodgy goods that don’t have to meet standards. Just a thought…

2 thoughts on “Fireworks – I’m glad something works”

  1. I remember when they banned fireworks in South Africa. It achieved nothing and only made a fun day less enjoyable.

    Some control is needed as you say but banning isn’t the answer.

  2. if you live in the united states
    and in your state fireworks are illegal and youd like to try to get consumer fireworks
    legalised in your state try this
    wright letters,send faxes
    and emails
    to your local law makers
    in your state Capital

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