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March 2003

Rebuilding Iraq

Just when you thought that things couldn’t get any worse. The Register posted this today about not only a regime change in Iraq but also a mobile network change. “CDMA cell phones include an integrated global positioning system (GPS) feature that allows the precision location of callers in times of emergency.” but the reasoning is… Read More »Rebuilding Iraq

Iraq – an inside view

Just picked this up from Rob’s Rants. It’s an article by a great journalist, Robert Fisk, who is always at the forefront of conflicts. The article although brief is very lucid and the imagery so realistic that even though no fighting is ever mentioned, the inevitability and build up is all too conclusive as to… Read More »Iraq – an inside view


I don’t know; I was going to post this under humour instead of general, I was really torn for a moment there. Anyway this report is about a Microsoft ad in South Africa being banned by the advertising authority for falsely claiming that hackers would soon be extinct due to Microsoft software security, etc. Laughable… Read More »Ha!

Website Visualisation

Quirky little Java applet to visualise the linkage of a website. Not sure how useful it is but none-the-less it paints interesting pictures TouchGraph GoogleBrowser V1.01

Thinking about mobiles…

Over the past number of days I have been doing a lot of thinking about mobile phones. It comes on the back of having left my beloved 8210 in London last week after my meeting and now I anxiously await its postage back to me; so as is normal I fear for its safety. In… Read More »Thinking about mobiles…

WiFi – the golden fleece

Well, the meeting is still ongoing so it’s time for a brief entry over the tea break. 🙂 Just picked this article off about the raving marketplace that is WiFi provisioning. This follows up on a story I was listening to last night on BBC World with respect to local bars in the US… Read More »WiFi – the golden fleece

Semantic Webs

Currently in London at a project meeting but I managed to catch an interesting interview on BBC World this morning with Tim Berners Lee (inventor of the web) regarding his views on a semantic internet. The ideas are gaining acceptance and could lead to a new range of internet tools targeting the discovery needs of… Read More »Semantic Webs


Q. What’s better than capturing the authors mood by text in a log? A. Capture the author in the log! Here’s an article from webreference about the idea of Video Logging or Vlogging. Personally I can’t see myself taking this up too soon with the current state of broadband access in this country but worth… Read More »Vlogging?

Why does the world hate nerds?

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This is an interesting little essay that I picked up on reference from the weblog of Diane Duane whom I found through GeoURL as being my closest neighbour in cyberspace whom I did not know. Interesting how these things come about. Anyway, the essay is over personalised but still makes some interesting points about the… Read More »Why does the world hate nerds?